Realisations of Do you...?

Do you...? is an extremely common chunk that is used innumerous times in any simple exchange. 

It has various realisations, from the strong form /du: ju:/ to the variety with weak forms /d@ j@/, hence to a form /dj@/ which by yod coalescence inevitably leads to /dZ@/ in informal conversational speech. Whether this be at the start of a question or in the middle makes no difference. Note that in question tags and echo questions, the strong form, /du: ju:/, is used. 

Listen to the following examples:

1 What do you think of this?
2 Where do you live?
3 Who do you work for?
4 Do you want to go home now?
5 Do you like his pictures?
6 How do you get this thing to work?
7 Why do you work for so little money?
8 Who do you go out with?
9 Do you know who I met last night?
10 Do you have the notes on last week's lecture?
11 Do you think it's alright to stay in here?
12 What do you do on Sundays?
13 Do you think it's a good idea?
14 How do you get to school?
15 Do you live in the country?