Drag Vowels on the Quadrilateral

This is a small tool that may be handy for those who want to create diagrams of the vowel quadrilateral with relative phonetic symbols. Follow these steps:

1. If you are using Internet Explorer then click here - a frameless window should appear to the right.

***VERY IMPORTANT *** : You must use the key combination CTRL+W to close this window when you have finished with it.

If nothing happens or you are using Mozilla or another non-IE browser then click here.


2. Use your mouse to drag the symbols into position. The arrows can be dragged by their ends, the curved arrow can also be dragged at the middle.

3. When you are satisfied with the result, press the 'next' button and the unused symbols will disappear.

4. Capture the diagram you have created by using the ALT+Print key combination, this copies an image of the current active window to the clipboard.

5. You can now paste the diagram wherever you want, into a Word .doc, graphics program etc.

6. If you have finished close the window by using the key combination CTRL+W, if you want to do some more, press the 'back' button that appears as you pass the mouse over the active area.

N.B. If you use this tool for publications or websites please give credit where credit's due:

'Vowel quadrilateral diagrams created using tool available online at http://davidbrett.uniss.it'

Thank you!