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 Presenting sound in Web pages

Perhaps the best way to present sound in Web pages is using custom-made objects created with Macromedia Flash MX 2004 that upload external .mp3 files. 

Short sound files

Short sound files can be presented as single buttons that upload sound files when clicked on. When a button is clicked a small preloader lets the user know the sound is arriving by way of percentages and graphics. 

1 Arpeggio style 1
2 Arpeggio style 2
3 Arpeggio style 3

Long sound files

With long sound files it is preferable that download start as soon as the page loads, in this way the time the user needs to wait before accessing the audio file is reduced. Again a preloader informs the user of download progress. Creating media players in Flash allows customisation of functions. In the example below you can rewind and fast forward by pressing the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys, respectively, on your keyboard. You can also pause using the DOWN arrow and play using the UP arrow.

O'Riada's Women of Ireland