E-Learning Tools

Rather than e-learning, I suppose we should be talking about e-teaching here, as this section is aimed at teachers, tutors etc. rather than learners.

In recent years I have been involved in a project with two main aims:

1)     to explore and expand the types of interactive exercises currently available, with a particular view to those for learning second languages (CALL - Computer Assisted Language Learning);

2)    to ensure that these exercises can be created even by those with very basic computer skills. Many of the most attractive exercise types e.g. drag'n'drop, traditionally require a large amount of code. I have developed several templates that sidestep this completely. Unfortunately, making things simple for others is very hard work, so things are going fairly slowly, albeit, I might add, surely.

This work has been carried out using almost exclusively Macromedia Flash (now called Adobe Flash), certainly one of the most powerful and wide ranging programmes currently available for the production of material to be published on the Web.

Below you will find some of the results of this project :

Exercise type


Blank text completion

See example 1

Download source files


Text analysis

See example 2

Download source files


Shuffler syntax

See example 3

Download source files


Drag'n'drop cloze

See example 4

Download source files


Find the words

See example 5

Download source files


Jigsaw listening

See example 6

Download source files


Group 15 items (drag'n'drop)

See example 7

Download source files

Below you will find links to two programs.
1. SoundItOut is a program that allows you to make web pages with audio buttons, even by recording sound within the program.
2. SliceMedia is a program that allows you to make web pages with incorporated media players for sound or video with subtitles.