English Phonetics and Phonology

English Phonetics and Phonology consists mainly of interactive exercises (with sound) for the teaching of English pronunciation for ESL students. Vowel sounds, perception and production, weak forms, problematic minimal pairs, the various types of assimilation and yod coalescence are all covered, as are intonation and other prosodic factors. Particular emphasis is placed on problems Italian speakers face as I live and work in Italy and this site is an extension of my classroom teaching.


In this section you will find a series of interactive exercises regarding English Morphology and Word Formation.

E-learning Tools

This section will be of interest to those who intend to create similar material to the above, i.e. using lots of sound, interactive exercises etc.

About me

Just a quick word for those of you who don't know me. Born in England of Irish parents, I grew up in Wales, Germany and Ireland. Did Archaeology and English Lit at university in Ireland. Moved to Italy in 1991 and worked on rescue excavations near Florence. Since 1997 I have been working at the University of Sassari (Sardinia, Italy), first as a Language Assistant and since November 2003 with a research grant. I'm married and I have two children. 


One of my greatest passions is music: I play several instruments and am particularly interested in Irish and other traditional music. Click here to listen to a Manx air performed on the guitar, tin whistle and Irish wooden flute. 


Click here to find a series of examples of interactive multimedia material presented at the "Languages for Special Purposes in Higher Education – Searching for Common Solutions" conference held at Brno (left) - Czech Rep., 24-25.11.06.


Click here to view a series of examples of interactive multimedia material presented at the Eurocall 2006 conference held at Granada (above), Spain, 4-7.09.06.


Click here for examples of interactive exercise types presented at the Dada International Workshop, Bolzano, Italy, 30-31/03/06.


Click here for examples of Flash applied to phonetics relating to a talk given at PTLC, University College London, 27-30 July 2005. 


Click here for exercises presented at UNTELE 2005, Compiègne (left), France, 23rd-26th March 2005.


Click here for an abstract and various exercises relating to a presentation at the Cercles 2004 conference in Bratislava (left), September 2004.


 Here you will find an abstract and various exercises relating to a presentation I gave at the Eurocall conference in Vienna, September 2004.

News and Updates

30/05/09 *New* SAMPA to Unicode converter for phonemic transcriptions. Click here to check it out.

Comments - Bug reports

 If you have any comments you would like to make about this site please feel free. I particularly appreciate bug reports, as if no-one tells me then I'll never imagine a problem exists.

Contact me at dbrett AT uniss dot it

Below: crocuses at home in Ireland (thanks for the pic Dad).


The historical centre of Sassari (more photos forthcoming)