English Phonetics and Phonology for Non-native Speakers

Getting Started

Given the rather specialised nature of the material, in order to access the  information on the pages correctly you must check that your computer is configured to visualise it. If the answer to one of the two questions below is 'no' then fix the problem before moving on, otherwise you will be wasting your time.


These pages have been written using Unicode fonts (Lucida Sans Unicode, Arial MS Unicode), that many users will already have on their computers.

Question 1.


Can you see a schwa above?

Yes? Then you are in business!

If you can't then download Lucida Sans Unicode, free of charge from http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/home/wells/ipa-unicode.htm

Install them to the fonts folder on your hard disk. The directory for Windows is usually C:\WINDOWS\FONTS.

Those who work in the field and want to publish phonemic transcription of Standard British English on the Web may be interested in the HTML button on the Phonemic typewriter: this creates the complete HTML code for a web page, just copy it, paste it into a text file, saving it with a .html extension, or paste it into the html section in your web editor (replacing anything that may be there already).

Visit the page linked to above for an exhaustive explanation of what is going on.

N.b. these pages were originally written using other fonts and then changed to Unicode: if you see some gobbledygook anywhere then please report it.


Question 2. 

Can you see animated script above? 

If you can, then you already have the Flash Player. If not, then read what is written below.

To listen to the sound files as well as to do some of the exercises you will need the most recent version of the MACROMEDIA FLASH PLAYER (if you don't have it already). If you open a page when you are online the player should be downloaded automatically - a message for authorisation will then appear, press OK and it will be installed. Otherwise go to www.macromedia.com and enter the Download Flash Player section.

Updated 12/02/04