Aspects of Connected Speech

Here is a list of the most important aspects of connected speech, i.e. how words change when caught up in the great rush of everyday conversation. If you are not a phonetics/phonology student then skip over the technical bits and just listen to the examples.

Weak Forms

Assimilation of Place of Articulation  

Yod Coalescence  

Gap filling exercise on Yod Coalescence


Assimilation of Voicing  


The Glottal Stop

Exercises on Aspects of Connected Speech

Visit the pages above before you attempt to do these exercises. 

Exercise #1

Exercise #2

Practical Examples

Here are some practical examples of how some common 'chunks' are usually realized:

Telling the difference between Can and Can't

Realizations of Have

Realizations of Would

Realizations of Do you...?

Realizations of Could you....?-Would you...?

Realizations of Did you....?

Dictation exercises

Here you will find a series of gap-filling exercises dealing with all the aspects of connected speech outlined above. The exercises become progressively more difficult.

Dictation exercises #1

Dictation exercises #2

Dictation exercises #3