Phonetics and Pronunciation on the Web


An encyclopaedia  of languages worldwide: 

Newsgroup for teachers interested in pronunciation: 

Huge internet listening lab for students (American English):

Tutorials in spectrogram reading: 

An overview of phonetics resources on the net: 

The University of London site, a great deal of multimedia/interactive material, see also John Wells’ (Director) pages on Estuary English:

Download an encyclopaedia of Phonetics terms:

A site which teaches you how to read Chaucer (13th century English) 


Audio samples of accents of English worldwide:

Audio samples of accents of British English

Audio samples of American accents:

Sound files and transcriptions of English spoken by native and non-native speakers:


To download a complex speech analyser  and IPA help:

To download a simple speech analyser:

To get fonts for phonetic characters: